We’re BACK!

We’ve been on a hiatus for almost 2 years now and we’re back!  There’s been so much requests for us to come back and do what we do best and so after many… Continue reading

Hmong Tulsa Collaboration

After spending almost 2 months on this song, we were able to go on stage and perform it live. Although we were having some technical difficulties, we still pushed through it and sang… Continue reading

The Kong and Shu Project

I have to admit, although you like an artist or band, you cherish them more after spending time with them! Seriously! After a long year wait, or in my case, forever, i finally got… Continue reading

Kuv Xav Hnov Koj Hais [I Do] ~ Tupao Xiong

Tupao’s out with another original piece of his. The instrumental is credited to Koua Xiong but for the melody and lyrics, original by Tupao Xiong. I have to say, guess I’m not in… Continue reading

Khuv Xim Tsis Cia Koj Deev ~ Nis Yaj

After a request and thought about posting this song up, i decided to do it. 😀 Anyways, here is Nis’s cover of Toua Yang’s Song : Khuv Xim Tsis Tau Deev. At first,… Continue reading

Suab Nag Yaj ~ Hmoov Zoo Tau Hlub Koj

As requested. This is such a nice song. I remember playing this song over and over again and in hope to find that good person. Sadly, i haven’t found him yet, but still… Continue reading

Nkauj Hli Vwj ~ Cas hloov Tsis Tau Cia Kuv Ua Tus Mus

I don’t know, but i like her first album than her second. Though her voice is still beautiful like always. 😀 Her first album had more MPHM in it, if you know what… Continue reading

Nis Yaj ~ Vim Koj Ua Roj Qeeb Hneev Lig

Nis’s voice is quite soothing. She did a lot of covers on youtube and she finally had her release of her debut album. The album wasn’t bad actually, although it’s just the same… Continue reading

Lub Siab ~ Pagnia Xiong Ft. Duce Khan

I’ve had this album for some time now and just haven’t gotten the chance to put my thoughts in it. 😀 You really have to love the music from ERE! Their artists are… Continue reading

Da Players ~ Zam Lub Txim

Who knows how long its been since “Da Players” stopped with their music. It’s been a while, if i have to guess, almost 10 years. They’re back! New! Fresh! Something with a different… Continue reading