Back for more Nonsense!

For some odd reason, i’m quite excited about this blog. Why? who knows. haha.  I guess, it’s been a while since i’ve blogged, i mean, lets see, i stopped blogging when i was a sophomore in highschool. I wished i never stopped, now that i think about it.  Only reason i stopped was because of joingin IB, Internationals Baccalareatte. Gah, i totally killed it.  “You know you’re in IB when you still can’t spell, Internation Baccalareatte, agh, how you spell it again?” Yeap, that saying, it was so me back than, and still, i still can’t spell it. IB got the best of me during junior and senior year.  Beside me, there were 12 others who suffered also in IB.  We grew and became a great family, i would say.  Almost all the classes we had during our Junior and Senior were the same, so we were really close to one another.  Agh, how those days went by fast.

Lets see, i graduated in 2007, and wow, it’s almost 3 years since i graduated.  It wasn’t long when i met up with some of them.  I think it was the week before Halloween that i met up with two of them, and i just found out that one of them is Gay!  😛 Seriously, it was a total shocker. Not that i’m against gays or anything, but wow, i seriosly did not believe anyone back than when they said that he/she was gay.  I always took it as a joke and say that i was gay too if he/she was gay. lOl.  It sure got the best of me. hahaha. A total shocker!  I guess i was the only one that really didn’t believe in it or more like didn’t think much of it.  Agh, little things come out after such a long time seeing one another! haha.

Geeze, i said so much and i can’t remember what my point is to this post. Haha, it’s what you get when you just think about random stuff and go about the memory that occurs to you when you’re thinking randomly. Haha.  Oh well, i’m sure in the next ten years when i come back to this blog, i’ll be giggling about how i was at this age!  Aza! Txhob Ntshai! Haha, love it. 😀

Well, until next time…