Hello WordPressers! =D

It’s been a while since i’ve actually blog.  By such a persuasion from a friend, *whispers Mozemoua,* she convinced me to go back. haha.  Lets see how this would be, and i guess it does feel great to go back into the mood of writing, putting up, random stuff from my mind. haha.  I’ll have to walk around wordpress and see how it is since i’ve never used it before. Guide me if you’re used to it. 😀

Check her blog out too, once i put up a link for her, not sure how, but i’m still learning. 😀

What you’ll find on this blog?

Each night, i’ll post up a random song from my playlist and write out the lyrics.  My hmong isn’t that accurate, but eh, i’m trying and learning at the same time. You find any mistake, do tell, i’ll need to fix it and by fixing it, i’ll be able to write hmong more accurate. 😀  with the lyrics, i’ll  stream the song and even have a download link for those that might be interested in what i’m listening to that night.  Also, i write out my daily thoughts about my day and what nots, ofcourse, no need to read it. 😀  It’s just jibberish from the inside of my head. I’ll also give out movie reviews that i think are worth watching.  Even hmong movies, which i’m not too fund of, but i’ll watch one that others recommended.

Mainly, stuff on my blog will have to do with the Hmong world now a days, from music to news or upcoming events.  😀 Since i’m hmong, i feel like i should just stick with who i am since there’s other people who are diong on their own culture too. 😀  So, hopefully you enjoy. 😀