One more night…

…than i am off to MN to hang out with my girls! I seriously cannot wait. This would be my third time going on a airplane.  Gah, don’t you just hate the take off?  It’s like, you’re driving on the road, and than out of no where, you feel nothing except being sway back and forth in mid air!  Scary stuff you know.  Agh, i seriously cannot wait!  I’m planning to take tons and tons of pictures when i’m up there, who when i’ll be back up there again.  I seriously cannot way! Ok, i think i’ve said that line too many times already, but seriiously, i cannot wait! Just one more night and i’m off on the airplane and flying off to MN! YAY!!!

Now that i’m 21, i can actually sit at a bar and order stuff. Oh goshers, that reminds me, i still have to change my ID, but than again, ic an do it afterwards since it tells on the ID when i’ll be 21.  So, it shouldn’t be a biggie. If i get card, which i hope not, i’ll be sure to point it out. 😀 Gah… One thing, i won’t be able to experience ‘bar hopping’ which i want to do, but since MN is such a crazy state, i’m not sure if i want too.  My best friend Lvaly planned everythign already, and i think i know what i’m goign to do.  We’re defiantely heading to “Mall of America” probably not on Black Friday though. That’s too much work, and I’m sure Lvaly woudln’t want to wake up that early. I know how that girl is, she wants her sleep even to the very last minute. lOl.  I remember when i last came to see her and slept over at her place, i woked up early, being the good girl that i need to be when i’m at someone’s house, i sure was damn tired! hahaha. I seriously dont’ need to do that anymroe since i’ll be staying with her older sister, who i admire a lot! haha

Well, enough of my nonsense, I CAN”T WAIT ANYMORE!!! I’m SUPPPEEERRRR Excited about it! hahaha

I’ll put up pictures once i go and have fun and come back. 😀