4Bia ~ Thai Horror ~ Review

Recently, i’ve been on a crave for movie watching. Spending my time watching movies that were suggested by friends.  So, i went and gave it a shot.  First movie that i watched was 4bia, a thai horror movie.  This movie consists of four scary story that sucks you into its tale.

The first part is call, “Lonliness”
This is a bout this girl who is stuck home with a cast on her leg due to a fatal car accident.  She’s unable to go anywhere and the only entertainment or any kind of communication she has is her phone and the internet.  One thing, she likes to text a lot.  She just got done texting her sister in Chiang Mai when she recieved a text from an unknown person wanting to be friends with her.  Because of her “loneliness” at home, she decided to text back, and that’s when the story starts.

Haha, i’m not going to ruin the story for you, you’ll have to watch it yourself. 😀

The second story is call, “The Black Book”
This group of kids beat up this kid who’s known as Undertaker.  He’s call undertaker because of the magic that his family can do.  Well, the only reason why this kid is being beaten up is because he tattled tell to teachers that they were doing drugs and got suspended. So, only way to get revenge was to beat up the kid and teach him a lesson.  The group of kids kidnap the kid onto their truck where four of the boys beat up the kid.  By accident, the four boys pulled him to the edge of the truck and let go of the kid, and that’s when the thrill comes in. Watch and see what happens. 😀

The third story i call, “The Middle Man.”

This about four friends who went out camping.  They’re in their sleeping bags when they started to tell ghost stories.  Out of the four, oen of them,Chin, is really scare about ghost, and the other three just laugh it off.  as they were talking, one of the friend, name Ae, mentions, “what if oen of us dies alll of a sudden?”  Here, it got quiet for a bit, but they joked about it.  Ter says that he wont’ be scared. Just than, Chin stands up asking to sleep in the middle since he was sleeping at the end.  Ter and Puak refuses, and than Ae says that if he dies, he’ll come and hunt the one who’s sleeping in the middle. Well, the night gone by, and the next morning, they go river rafting when they couldn’t control their boat and flip over.  Everyone swims to the side to get on land where Ter isn’t a good swimmer. That’s when Ae jumped in to help.  Ter came on shore, but Ae didn’t. They try looking for him but couldn’t find him, so they went back to their camping ground.  when they went into the tent, no one wants to sleep in the middle because of what Ae said.  They than sleep in a triangle form where no one is sleeping in the middle.  Once they are in their sleepig position, they hear footsteps.  Someone was coming, they than realize that it might be Ae. they open up and sees Ae, but is it really Ae?  Find out! 😀

The Fourth Story:  The Last Flight

This story is about this flight attendent name Pim.  Apparently, she is going out with a Prince, who’s married.  The wife found out about the relationship between Pim and her husband.  Pim recieved a call from her friend saying that Pim is needed to work tomorrow since the Princess has asked for the same people who worked for her and her husband when they were on a trip last year.  Since Pim was there, she had to go and help.  As she is serving the Princess, the princess tells Pim a story back in her country.  It’s about what happens to a woman when they have an affair with a marry man.  the princess tells her that the punishment is, the woman would get arrasted, be un dressed, people would throw stone at the woman, and before she dies, she has to get down to the wife to beg for forgiveness. So, the flight went on and finally, they got to their destination.  Later, Pim finds out that the Princess is dead and will need to be fly back to her country to be burried.  Pim is stuck being the flight attendent for the dead body of the Princess.  The flight back to the Princess country is where teh thrill will get you scared!  Watch what happens. 😀

I thought this oen was the scariest oen out of all the four stories.  It’s good.

Well Enjoy this movie, cause i sure did. 😀