Don’t you just hate it when everything you planned for is ruined by the last minute!?  It really sucks. All the excitement, anticipation, i mean, everything that you planned for just goes down hill and you can’t do anything about it! Life is a pain in the butt!  I feel like crying since my plan is ruined! I’ve been so excited about it, and look at me now, i’m just sitting here on the net waiting.  I’m quite disappointed in myself, and at the same time, i shouldn’t worry about this trip for tomorrow morning. I’m suppose to be in MN tomorrow, but that won’t be happening.  Something happen at the last minute and i’m stuck here, and who knows how long it’s going to take.  *sigh* Life sucks, at the moement.  Whenever i plan for something, it never goes as i plan. Either something happens at the last minute or just something ruins my plan.  That’s why i don’t plan on anything, and i shouldn’t have.  I should have just gone with the flow because nothing goes the way i want it to go.  I’ve been wanting to go on this trip for the longest time now, even got ready, i mean, practically everything and now, i can’t.  AHHHH I just want to scream and cry, and AAHHHH!!!! I’m so disappointed right now! I’m feeling very selfish too. Instead of thinking about the situation, i’m thinking about my self. UGH! Is it wrong though?  This was plan so early from the beginning and now that its’s time, i can’t go!? wtf! AHHHHHHHHHHH