The past is the past…

…why bring something that is not worth the time to talk about?  It’s been done and over with, so why bring it back up again?  Ofcourse, there is time where a glimpse of the past would pop up, but it’s not like someone is talking about the past to you?  I’ve had it with my old lady.  She seriously just need to drop it and let it go.  This whole entire year, she’s been saying one name, and that name is a name that gets me all irritated about.  I seriously just want to run away each time i hear that name. Seriiously, it’s done and over with, so stop asking me questions. I had my reasons, and i dont’ want to waste my time on someone who will not make a difference in me. I remember a saying that he said, “You’ll know more than i, but i’ll always be there.” That was a saying that put me down, that made me look down on him, why?  Because, i would always know more than he does, but he can’t be there for me, why? because how is a person suppose to be there for you when he can’t help you in any way?  I mean, being there to have a shoulder lean on or to talk too, i mean, you can find anyone to do that with, right?  It’s not just one person.  I mean, if i were to talk to him, i rather talk to my two close friends on making a decision in my life.  that’s how i see it.

He was a good guy, and hopefully he’ll become a better guy without me.  I hope he finds that special person for him since i’m not the one.  I won’t regret my decision of breaking up with him.  I’m like a flower that’s already been bloomed already, been through many in life, and there i was with someone who hasn’t or someone who doesn’t seem to see the world like i have.  Like i’ve told others, he’s able to depend on me, but i’m not able to depend on him.  I spent the last two month being together, going over this decisions, and i made my end choice already. I don’t want to be teaching or tellign someone to do everything my whole life.  I don’t want to be the person with the pants instead of the skirt, although my old lady said that it’ll be a good life.  To me, naw, i dont’ want that.  I just want someone who knows how to deal with life and someone who i can actually depend on too.  Is it that hard to ask for such?

Like i’ve told others, i dont think being committed or being in a serious relationship fits me.  I just can’t put myself to be committed or to be in a serious relationship.  That’s why i let him go. Like i told my old lady, i have my own reason to let him go, and i think it was a good choice to just let him be. Hopefully he grows a little from this relationship, or know what he wants in life or want in a girl, a clearer vision of it, is what i should say.  *sigh*……..
The past is the past….MOVE ON!!! Like the saying, “Only those that can take a step forward are the winners, and those that are still in the same spot are the losers.”  I’ve moved on and so should my old lady, and him.  I’ve moved on to better my life and learn about myself, not stay back and wonder why i let him go.  Like i said, i’ve moved on, and so shoudl everyone around me.  *shrugs*  Not sure why my old lady keeps bringing him up, she even said she dreamed about him and what nots.  Ahhh, move on old lady! Please!!!