Paj Nyiag Vaj ~ Thaum Luag Ntxub Mam Pom Kuv Zoo

Here is a song that i would like to dedicate to a very special cousin of mines.  Sometimes, when you’ve done everything to just save a marriage or a relationship, the ending is a tragedy.  I was talking to her earlier and she said that this song really gets to her since she has tried everything to save the relationship.  But because of him, she has to be the one to let go since there’s no point of beign with someone who doesn’t love you back anymore.  This is one reason why i’m not sure if i’ll ever get marry or be committed.  I know, i shouldn’t feel like that since i dont know what is in store for me, but again, i’ve seen enough to the point where i’m not sure if i want to find him.

Anyways,  here’s my shoutout to her, “Hey hun!  You’ve been through so much that we all are here for you no matter what. Like i told you when you left us, ‘if he ever hurts you, us gang girls will find him and hurt him even more’  and it’s true, we girls will.  No one gets hurt, especially if it’s one of us, by a guy.  But you know, you’ve gone through so much, and it’s made the best of you. Take it as, if none of this happen, yo uwouldn’t be where you are today, and you’re the best!!! Life is hard, and life was never meant to be easy.  YOu’ll slowly forget about him, and slowly forget about the life you had for him.  Just be glad, nej tseem tsis tau muaj menyuam xwb mog.  Sweetie, we love you!”

Here’s the song that she was listening too and hopefully this song will get through to him!

Song: Paj Nyiag Vaj

Title: Thaum Luag Ntxub Mam Pom Kuv Zoo

tus hlub cas koj siab phem siab dub

koj muaj ib tug cas tsis qhia kuv

nyiam hlub lwm tus zais  rau nruab siab

nyiag hlub tus tshiab thaum nyob nrug deb ntawv kuv

tus hlub yog kuv siab phem siab dub

koj qhia rau kuv yog zoo tsis txaus

tus neeg tus tsis taj cuab yig

thiaj zais kev hlub los yog koj las ntxub

los yog koj xav noj mov es tsis nqig diam

koj thiaj hlub dua tshiab yog noj mov tsis nqig diav

ces yuav nyuaj siab ua zoo xav nawb tus hlub

tsis pom dej dag lub siab tsis nqig

tsis tau kev chim koj siab tsis zoo

thaum tsis muaj kuv koj mas xav tau

thaum luag tsis hlub koj yuav pom kuv zoo nkauj

and here is the download link.