Watching TV…

…Haha, so my parents are gone out eating somewhere and i’m here watching TV with my siblings. I love it when we siblings sit around together and just laugh at random show on TV. haha. We’re watching “Smash Cuts,” this TV show where they show ridiculous clips around the world. There was this one clip where they call it, “The Dumbes Robbery” where this dude, who’s drunk, tries to rob a liquor store. So, since he can’t get in from the side, like windows or doors, he goes up onto the roof and gets in from the ceiling. From the clip, you see him fall, like litereally fall back and knock out for a few seconds. Than he gets back up and starts taking bottles of liquor. He somehow end up finding a ladder and ‘TRIES’ to go back up the way he came down. For a second, once he gets to the top, you don’t see him, but BAM! you see him falling down on the shelves. He tries climbing back up, but still fell down so that’s when he gives up. He than sat at the entrance of the store and waited for the cops to come. lOl.

The thing that was funny was him beign drunk and tryign to rob a liqour store. An idiot i say, and at the end he ended up smoking and waited for the cops to come. Like one of the crew said, “Smart dumbest Robber ever!” lOl. He was smart to just stop, but dumb to even start. lOl.

Anyways, i’m enjoying my time with my bros laughing at these clips. Enjoying life righ tnow. 😀 I guess, this is what you call a precious moments since we’re spending time together, or together laughing. 😀