The time has come!!!

lOl, So, Family Outing Ep 74 just came out this week, and ahhh, this has got to be the best part on Family Outing history with Hyori and Kookjong together! At first it was the awkward couple, and as the show went on, they both become or more like seem to be more close to one another. And now, thank you to guest Lee Kyung Shil, Hyori and Kookjong finally get the chance to be “EXTRA” close to one another. The time has finally come for them both! lol. This has got to be the best scene of them ever air on Family Outing! lOl. i couldn’t stop laughing nor smiling. hahaha. Their time like this has really come. haha.  I seriously think they are meant to be.  haha.  For some reason, when they were close together and them smiling, i thought they looked alike. hahaha.

you can catch that scene below. Thanks to Uni0509 for uploading the episode! Thanks a bunch! I seriosuly cannot wait for the subs to come otu for this episode. The guest seems to be hilarious, if only i was fluent in Korea. Gah…hahaha that time will come soon. Hehehe.