Doesn’t it feel great when you meet up with old time buddies that you have not seen or heard from for a long time?  There’s that tingling feeling inside of you that just want you to jump and shout and give them a big hug!  *sigh* It’s such a great feeling.  It’s been 2-3 years since i have not heard from her, but wowzers it has been a while since i’ve seen her.  i’m quite thankful there there’s such thing as facebook or myspace that you can actually find people and reunite with them. that’s what happen to me.  Because of Facebook, i was able to talk to her again and see pictures of her wellbeing!

She did say something to me that really got to me. She said that i was always the one askign everyone to keep in touch but here i am, losing in touch with everyone. It is true too, but than again, it’s them too. haha We’re all at fault for not keeping in contact. Numbers get change, people moved, i mean, when somethign changes, all goes to hell with everyone. haha.  For me, it’s usually when people change their numbers and when i’min