View from the Hospital

I’ve been here for, i guess you can say i’ve been here for two days now.  I’m really getting sick of the smell, and wow, it gets very lonely when you have no one to talk too.  So, is this how it feels to be alone, living by yourself? haha, i guess i’ll find out soon enough, or i have.  Anways, i’m jamming to the Sounders new album and thought i write on here since it’s been days since i’ve written here. 

Well, yesterday, i decided to drive all the way up to the top part of th parking lot and do some shoot of Tulsa.  Iguess, the vew of tulsa from the hospital.  I didn’t get the chnace to like o to the other side to really shoot where downtown is, well didn’t think of it until te last minute.  I didn’t want to do it again since i had to twirl my self up to the top and it was FREEZING cold outside!!!  Anyways, Here’s the view from teh hospital of tulsa, i guess the south side of tulsa?  Here’s the shot!

i couldn’t take as much as i want since, brrrr, i twas freezign outside! and plus my brother was makign a fuss too, well not really, he wasnt’ really, i twas just hecka cold, i guess i’m just making an excuse. 😀 but yeah. hahah