X-Mas Lights

As i was driving to the hospital, i saw thsi house that was ust filled with christmas lights.  Me, still a newbie with my camera couldn’t get anythign good, but i thoguht it was really cool how i shot the house.  I mean seriously, you can totally make out the house, well the outline, and teh bush and even the tree!  Note, i’m still a newbie, so i couldn’t get a definate picture.  AND OH YEAH, i was in teh car while shooting too, so i was moving with the car as i took the pictures. 😀

And what surprised me the most was the tree, the one on the far right.  I mean literally, it looked like a tree with green branches.  Like i said, i couldn’t get a defiante picture of it sicne i was in a moving car, but wowzers, i was shocked!! and i mean, they even had the branch in lights too, which i only got a little bit.

Seriously, i was quite impress with this house. Defiantely having the holiday spirits!! 😀