No 13th Floor?

I guess you can say that i’m a ignorant person who don’t really see things and realize things afterwards. So, i’ve been in the hospital with my grandparents for two days and didn’t even realize the number of floors or how they had it. There’s no 13th floor. It skips from 12th right to 14th floor instead. That’s when i realized that in America number 13 is a unlucky number. Well i know that it’s a unlucky number, but just didn’t realize how important it is.

Here’s a picture of the numbers in the elevator, and yes, we were held on the 9th floor.

Oh and one more thing, i was using my crappy phone to take the picture, but it turned out well though.

Anyways, but yeah, in american number 13 is consider unlucky since many things happened on the 13th floor or as we all heard of it, Friday the 13th.

Also, did you know that in China, number 4 is consider a unlucky number which means that there’s no 4th floor.

Do tell me what you know too. I’d like to know more about these unlucky numbers, the incidents and what nots.