People of Walmart!

I seriously cannot stop laughing when i got onto this site,

I’m jus tshocked that people would actually take pictures and post it on this site of people in walmart.  I saw some hilarious outfits and some that my eyes were not meant to see. I  mean this site was just hilarious the minute you came into it.  It shows people from all over the nation of people in walmart. it’s ridiculously funny though! lOl.  Like seriously!  You see people coming in wearing some weird stuff that you woudn’t think such would happen.  Even i thought it wasn’t. i mean, i wear casual, but not as casual as some people in it.

you seriously have to check it out! I’m just laughing my butt off reading the comments and looking at the pictures.  It’s one of those days where i have nothing to do except wobble around on the net. hahaha.

Funny thing is that there’s contest on teh site and whoever fits the catagory wins. I’m not sure what they win, but probably something good in walmart. haha. I haven’t checked arounjd thoroughly yet, but i’m dfiantely checking out alright. lOl.

There’s this one that i can remember from teh back of my head, and it was a picture of this guy wearing high heels but wearing casual guy clothes! Seriously! not that i’m against any one who’s gay or anything, but seriously, where is fashion in people now a days. i even saw ladies wearing clothes that seem like they just threw paint on their clothes or something. Liek i said, it’s ridiculouslyl funny!!! lOl.

Don’t bash me because i enjoy the site.  We all go to walmart and we just see the most craziest thing, what can i say?  There are soem that goes against the site, and soem that just love the entertainment.