Txiv Nplooj Siab

“Txiv Nplooj Siab” a new hmong movie that just recently came out this new year.  It’s about a family and their youngest son Meng [Meeb]. He hangs out with the wrong crowds, and i say is consider a selfish brat.  His father is always getting on his case or more like pssing him off. For example, there’s a scene where Meng wanted a new motorcycle and asked his mother for money to get it. His mother told him to ask his father.  when they asked the father, the father said nicely that they have one and to wait a little longer before buying a new one, and that’s when Meng got furious and began saying that his father doesn’t love him, his father doesn’t care for him, etc…  Basically, Meng’s the type of child that if he cant’ get what he wants, he says the most ridiculous stuff.  Well ofcourse, the father is furious too saying that he had given him the necessaries in life and what more does Meng want.  gah…i want to say more, but i’ll just spoil the movie for you. 😀  I would totally recommend this movie to everyone Hmong youngsters out there. It’s really a great movie!

What i like about this movie is that, it portraits the feeling of the parents side of story and the son’s side of story.  You can actually feel and see why your parents may yell at you or lecture you.  Also, you can feel how the son feels too towards his parents.  It really shows a lot of strong emotions and reasons why such lectures are necessary in a child’s life, especially drinking. 

At the end of the movie, you really see how much a parent do love their child, and all they want is a child that’s good, who does meaningful things in life. They jsut want us to have a good life and not like theirs.  i have to say, this is the first hmogn movie that i actually cried and felt warmth towards. Totally love this movie. I give it a 9/10!

Anyways, i’ve said enough, like i sai, i recommend it! Watch it, and enjoy it, cause i sure did!!!

Oh, i have to add, they have some awsome hmong songs in this movie. I totally dig the music. I can’t wait to get my hands on the album though. I guess, the music comes from the band call: Salvage Title.  That’s the album that they preview in the beginning. i hope i get my hands on it. 😀


You can catch the trailor here too if you didn’t get the chance to know or see it.