You got CREAMED!!!

It was my little brother’s birthday on Christmas, and since i wasn’t home they waited until i came home. So, now since i’m back home from my break, we celebrated his birthday tonight, 01/02/2010! It was just another ordinary dinner where everyone got together and ate. That’s when my brother and I took out the cake and sanged happy birthday to my little younger brother. Everyone joined in the song ofcourse. We sang happy birthday and my little brother blew out the candles. Once he blew out the candles thats when the cream face came in. My little brother got creamed by one of my brother, ofcourse, he knew it was coming since my dumb brother couldn’t hide the fact that he had cream in his face. It started with one face,an than it lead to another. lOl.

Those darn brothers, they got me too. That’s when all of kids got creamed. So i came up with the big idea to cream my parents. hahah. we had a good time with that. I creamed my old lady while my brother creamed my pop. Good night i say, hahaha. Everyone got CREAMED!!!

I’ll post up pictures once i get them uploaded, but it sur ewas fun though. This is what i call a, Good night! A family fun. I, or shoudl i say, We have had a night like this for a long time. What a great year. A brand new year, and we’re starting out happy! That’s a good sign! Definatley a good sign! And i hope the year comes in more happiness and more memories! Totally love it! hahha