My morning on the day i took off.

Have you ever looked at the sun and the clouds closely and wonder, “why are they there for?” Haha, ofcourse, this is like childish thoughts, but than again, it doesn’t hurt to just wonder again. As i was on the plane and we were in the air, i thought it was so beautiful looking down where it was dark and there were just bright little yellow dots. It’s as if someone took a pen or pencil and just poked the ground or something and the sun was on the other side. haha, well that’s how i imagined it. anways, this was practically how my morning was. Each time i woked up, the sky was different. haha

Here’s the first picture of how the sky looked like.

We had just taken off and i was too amazed as to how the world looked in the dark with the lights. By the time i realized how far we were from land, i looked up and the sun was slowly rising! I thought it was beautiful. I spent, i would say couple of minutes looking at it waiting for it to come up fully, but i knocked out on the plane. haha.

Second picture when i woked up from my short nap.

I remember the lady beside me accidently bumped into my arm and so i woked up, and wow, i was amazed. It was dark for a second and than all bright? well not bright, but we were above all the clouds and i guess, the sun was slowly risening. Seriously, i think it took forever for the sun to rise. lOl. Cause i seriously felt as if i slep a long time, but i guess i didn’t? haha

Third picture when i woke up again. hehe

I waited for teh sun to be fully up, or more like rise, but than i was limited on seeing the sun.  My window can only let me see so much, or more like let my camera get so much.  I wanted to get the sun in the picture too, but darn window!  anyways, doesn’t those clouds make you just wnt to jump in it? It’s like a bunch of cotton that’s just on the ground or something. hahha.  well, after i took this, i stared out into the sky and dozed off again. Next thign  know, this happened!

We finally arrived in Chicago, IL!  Dude, it was so sunny above the clouds, but dang, once we hit town and out of the clouds, it was foggy.  I thought it was going to be sunny and that i would be able to take some nice pictures, but nope, it was foggy and gloomy.  there wasn’t any sunshine, and on top of that, it was freezing cold too! Defiantely, the temperature changed from OK to IL.  so weird, but at the sam time, how cool! Same time zone, but different temperature. hahaha.

anyways, this was my morning coming from OK to IL. Although IL wasn’t my destination, it was pretty much the same.  OH yeah, we were flying 33,000 feet above land.  so cool! hahaha