The tears, the cries, the death, again?

I haven’t really been keeping up with how my hmong people been living.  It just caught my attention yesterday when we recieved a phone call from one of our relatives who was sent back to laos.  She cried, she pleaded, she screamed, she basically showed us how harsh her life is and how horrible it is.  Now we’re starting to make paperwork and see if she can come and live wit, h us, start fresh with her family. 

Not too long ago, on Dec 28, 2009, about 4,000 hmong people living in refugee camps thailand were forced back to Laos, the land that meant execution towards the hmong. Why?  Because Laos have not forgotten what we’ve done to them in the Vietnam War. Thinking that if we sided with Americans than, they would won the war, but sadly, America took off in 1975 and left thousands of Hmong people in the woods and mountains of Laos where they hide day in and day out. Those that were lucky, were taken to different countries, and many fled to Thailand where they stayed in Refugee camps.  Why did i say force? because those Hmong that had to leave the refugee camp did not want to.  Although the Thai Government said that they were willing too, NO! They were not willing too.  The life in Laos is bad enough as they stayed in those refugee camps in Thailand.

I seriously do not see why they had to force Hmong people back. Their only, from what i read, reason is that they were immigrants that had no paper to live or stay in Thailand.  Well, hello?  They’ve been livign there since Vietnam War and i don’t see any harm in that, plus, REFUGEE CAMPS! That’s where they all stayed.  What’s the problem now? 

Thaum twg, peb hmoob mas li muaj av hu tias yog hmoob li? Thaum twg peb hmoob mas li muaj vaj muaj tsev es hu tias yog peb li?  Thaum twg luag tej thiaj li pom tau tias peb hmoob yeej tsis phem npaum cas thiab?  Thaum twg, peb hmoob mam li los sib tuav tem es qhia ntiaj teb tias peb yog tseev tseev hmoob?

When will the tears, the cries, and teh death stop?  When?

Here is an article that summs up everything that is happening now in the world of Hmong.