The end of Family Outing 1

I dont know about you, but the show is going to be weird without the original family outing members.  They all places a sweet, loving feeling in me and i gotta say, we’ve done many things as family, well with my own family. 😀  It’s been confirmed that the last episode of all the members in Family Outing 1 would be taken in mid February, where Lee Chunhee, Park Yejin and Park Si Yeon would be coming back. The last epsidode won’t feature a guest since it’ll be the last episode for everyone.

It’s sad just thinkign about it. 😦  They all will be in our hearts, eacha nd everyone of them.  LIke many other, this is one of the best show that i practically could’nt wait for the next episode to come out.  Even though i don’t understand korean or speak it, i’m learning. 😀  I’ll watch the non sub ones and teh sub ones and i still get the same feelings as i first watched it.  FO HWAITING!!!

Also, in this article i read, it is said that Yoo Jae Suk would not be leaving, but woudl be on a paternal leave for his wife.  Go Grasshopper!!! Atleast he’ll be back. Aza fighting! haha.  Although, i’ll miss the nation’s siblings, but we still have JaeSuk!  It is said that everyone would be going off doing their own thing. Hyori back to concentrating in her singing, Jongkook on his new album, Soroo with his new drama and who knows what the rest are doing.  Gah..I’ll miss them deeply though. 😦

Lets hope the new members of FO would make a place in our hearts!  Hopefully it’ll still be the same or somewhat the same with the new casts.