I’ll reach to the top and shine!

It is time to set a new goal for me of what I want to accomplish in my near future. I had a long sigh last night, thinking and thinking of what i want to do and what I need to do to reach that goal or how to come about accomplishing my goal. I have to say, I sat at my desk just thinking and thinking. I finally got it! INSPIRATION! I found my place and that long sat was worth it! I sat down, wrote out my accomplishments i’ve made in the past, and stared at it, reading through the list. I never really saw how much i’ve accomplish in my life until now. I seriously accomplished a lot and hope to do more in the future, and i will! I than wrote out what i want to accomplish in life or more like in the near future. Ofcourse, School is the first and main goal of what i want to accomplish first before doing anythign else. IN this world, you need some kind of education to get through life, and so education should be my first and foremost main goal in life at this moment. Than, i set out what i want to do in life after school, that way i can have a clearer view of my life of what i really want to do. This is really worth it!

One of these days, i’ll reach to the top,

and when i do, that is when i know i’ve accomplish what i want in life and living in the life i’ve always dreamed of.
and when i do reach to the top, i’ll shine,

and when i shine, it means i’ve really gone far than what i expected in life! I’ve pushed myself, with the help of others, friends and families, to achieve what i want in life. Someday, i’ll be able to give back to those that i’ve helped and give back to the community for giving me this opportunit to do something for myself.

Aza! I have to think like this, to inspire myself to do things. Everyone has their own life, and so someday, i’ll have my own life to worry about. πŸ˜€

This is the way! πŸ˜€

And yes, i did take the pictures. πŸ˜€