Let it snow, let it snow!

When i went up north, i was expecting snow, and i couldn’t wait to play in it. That’s how much i miss snow! Once i got there and felt the coldness, i mainly stayed inside most of the time when i was on my trip. I really wanted to take some really nice pictures at the lake, but i couldn’t since i gave up on the walk since it was breezing cold, and ofcourse, it was COLD! So i gave up on that and just took a few pictures.

When i was up there, they had a blizzard 2-3 weeks before. It was really nice to see snow since it hasn’t snowed for 6-7 years since i’ve been down south. I just miss the whole waking up in the morning and my window is shining bright due to the snow’s reflection off from the sun. Love it!

I have to say, after not seeing much snow for almost 10 years, seeing snow again, gah, it sure was beautiful!!

The day that i took off from home, there was no snow to begin with, but as we flew into IL, there it was, SNOW!

and this one is when i was walking around the neighborhood trying to get to the capital to look around. I gotta say, going there was easy, but coming back was hard! lOl.

funny thing is that once i got to the capital of madison, wi, i couldn’t wait to go in. As i went in, roamed arond, taking pictures of this and that, there was a bunch of little kids that came in looking around. I seriously remember when i first took step into the capital. Gah, what a memory!

Once i was out of the capital, i lsot my way since i couldn’t remember which way i enter the capital. They all look the same, especially if you haven’t been there for a long time. I got out, looked around, and by golly, i sure was lost. I was freezing cold since my boots didnt’ keep me warm and was getting wet, also my pants too. Luckily, i found my way back home. haha

Since that day walking in the snow for almost half a day, i gave up on the beautiful snow. It’s best to just sit inside and look out into the snow hahaha. Snow is beautiful, but i guess it’s only good to be out in snow for a while. I sure did cherish my moments with the snow. 😀 hahah