Giving to Haiti

As poor as I am, i feel like i should give something to help out to those in Haiti, even though it may not be much, but it’s something. Especially thinking about the children, who have become orphans. I’d like to adopt one, but i can’t even help myself, so that, i’ll pass. I’m thinking, but than again, i shouldn’t think, i should just give to those in need in Haiti. Their homes torn apart, their family seperated, their lives just ruined from the earthquake.

I’m writing this as I’m listening to the songs on the tv from “Hope for Haiti Now.” Various artists/actors are singing and answering phone as they hope America would call in to give to Haiti. They’re slowly convincing me as i listen to their songs, as i listen to the stories of Haiti people, even the children’s story. They showed this one scene where this girl was hanging from the ceiling and people had to go in and break the ceiling just to get her. Just seeing her face, you can tell how scared she was. It touched me. I’m thinking of calling in to give, i’m thinking, which i feel like i shouldn’t think but give in.

The thing is, i’m living hard enough already, especially my family and i. We’re on the verge of crying, but i would have to say, we are better off than some other, who are homeless or are even more serious situations like losing their house, or without electricity. When i think of this, where is the money to help those that are need here? Where is the help to inspire one that they’re not alone in this world? Where? I’m just going back and forth about this “giving to haiti” when i’m here trying to make my life straight, trying to work my arse off to live better. I do feel sad for those that lost their life, home, family, etc in Haiti, but than again, im’ stil here, my family is still here. *sigh*….


i thought about it more, and i guess, i’m calling in to help. I’m going in to pitch in money. It may not be much, but it’ll help with water, food, etc..the little things that everyone needs. Also, this would make me feel good, i did something that i’ll be proud of and know that i gave someone a helping hand. 😀