It Iced first..

…before it snowed. It’s always like this when we’re going to have some kind of weather. Whether it’s hot or cold, it has to rain first or some kind of water type weather. On thursday, it sprinkled a little in the morning and it stopped. Than later on the day, it started raining and it definately got colder. School for us college student got out at 12 while the others were still in school for the whole day. I was able to take some pictures of the ice after it stopped raining.

Seriously, when it rains and the weather is below freezing, everything does get iced, including tree branches, down to the grass!!!

The grasses became icicles!

The branches became ice cold too!

It rained that much to make it become icycles!

Basically everything got iced!

One thing about southern weathers, it gets pretty bad.