Mu Lan Xing [Mulan Star] ~ Jane Zhang

Here is another sound track from the movie Mulan that just came out recently! Another favorite on the playlist at the moment. 😀

Song: Mu Lan Xing aka Mulan Star
By: Jane Zhang

Thanks to zunglt04 from YT!

This world is wide
letting loneliness go slowly
wild wolf laying on the street
for who it is

lonliness is a type of blue
drilled into my heart
hear myself shout
while looking at the sky
so i cut the moonlight

shooting it to my hometown
night dark as if it was ink
whish star is named Mulan?

le me recall for dinner
swallow so many years of acid
lone hate is in the palm of a desert
the tale of the cave is long forgotten.

Here is the actual MV to the song

Here is the DL LInk to the song. 😀 Enjoy!