Mulan Qing ~ Stephanie Sun Yanzi

Here is a song that was played in the Chinese, Live action, Movie: Mulan. Once i heard it, i fell in love with it. Starring Vichy Zhao as Mulan, you just gotta love her. 😀 If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out. 😀 Although i prefer the animation one, but this one was good too. 😀

Song: Mulan Qing
By: Stephanie Sun Yanzi

I got the translation from Peachai. Thanks!

I saw the clouds…wandering aimlessly in the sky
I heard a teardrop in the midst of the raging sand
Who does this desert belongs to?

I’ve forgotten who I am
And who…turns this sky grey?
I woke up on the black mountain,
Lying next to the Yellow river…

The winds are howling to the north
Where were the horses at the market in my homeland waiting for?

Under the leaded armor,
You and me…. through thick and thin,
Our hearts are shattering

I asked the heavens… what is black or white?
How many drops of tears can one heart bury?
How I’ve hung on because of my love?
I’ll remember the beauty in this land and sky

The world …turns to dust in an instant

I want to drink the water from the well in my home
But all I tasted was life and death
Let me toast to my fond memories
To say to myself…I won’t turn back

Here is the actual MV to the song!

If you hear it without knowing who sings it, you woud have thought Vicky Zhao sang this song, but it’s not. I would have to say, it does sound a little bit like Vicky, but nope.

Here is the DL link to the song. 😀 Enjoy!