Painted Heart ~ Jane Zhang

If you have not seen the movie: Painted Skin starring Vicky Zhao, you are missing out! This movie is very good! By looking at the cover, you woudl never of thought it would be about love. It looks like a horror or action movie, but no, it’s not. It’s about love, understanding love. Sacrificing your life for the love ones and people around you.

Here is a stream of the actual theme song:
By: Jane Zhang
Song: Painted Heart

Thanks to Sevenses for translating the songs.

Unable to see through your wandering spirit,
Unfathomable, the colour of your pupils
A passing wind, a waking dream
Like life, love remains undefined
Your heart, what confuses it so?
The outline of your body disappears into the night
I watch the cherry blossoms, waiting to see their blooms
I watch you, embracing me, your eyes lonelier than the moonlight
And I let you seek happiness in someone elseโ€™s arms
Loving you, untouchable like a heartbeat
Painting you, I cannot paint your skeleton
Remembering your expression, my reason to persist in waiting for you
You are mine, a song that I will never finish singing
*(My heart, only willing to be cut for you)

Here is a YT clip of the original MV for the theme song in Painted Skin.

Here is Vicky Zhao singing the song. Personally, i like Vicky Zhao’s version because it seems more softer and fits the melody very well. Jane Zhang did a great job in singing it, but her voice is strong! But i woudl say, both are beautiful to listen too. ๐Ÿ˜€

Here is the Dl link to the FULL song 7 min sang by Jane Zhang.