I know what i want as a pet!!!

You got it right! I know what i want as a pet now. As much as i hate having pets around, i think this one will do. I want a MICRO PIG! They’ll forever stay small and will always look adorable. haha.

Micro Pigs

Credits to Article

Aren’t they cute? If not these, than i want a RUNT puppy or something.

I did read somewhere that since they’re small, they have health problems. Like what i read in this article:

“For one thing, because the precious pigs are bred so exclusively for their size, the risks of inbreeding and its associated health risks go up. Among these myriad health risks is decreased fertility, which is a major problem if you’re hoping for a portly profit.”

It does get me thinking too, but at the same time, i’ll have to eventually learn how to be responsible especially when it comes to having kids. This would help me get a heads up and get me prepare? Who knows. Also, the thing is, they cost so much to get them! I wonder why too. Humm…

Anyways, my mind is set on getting one of these micro pigs for a pet one of these days. Or just stopping by to play with them or look at them will probably satisfy me. 😀 haha