No more dating. =D

I have to say, I contradict myself, A LOT! But it’s life, sometimes you have to, to experience what the other side is like. Even if it may be wrong, well, sometimes, people have to experience it the hardway to really know what the person is saying. It’s all about life, experience. Sometimes, when i’m talking to others about their problems, i say things that make sense, but when it comes to me, i have no clue where i should start. It’s like the saying that parents say to me all the time, “If you can’t help yourself, you can’t help others also.” I find it true too. Although it’s very easy to help others and tell them what they should do, but in a way, it’s all words, not experience. True words are from those that have experienced it and have already gone through the situation. Well, in my opinion, that is what true words are.

I’ve just announced, i’m going to stop with the whole dating. Probably just talk to guys here and there to just get rid of my boredum when i’m not doing anything, but the whole next step of dating, i’m going to postpone it. So far, i finally realize that what i want to accomplish is far more important than having a guy in my life and if i do have a boyfriend, not sure if my dreams of doing what i want in life would come true. I may be selfish at the moment, but i think it’ll be worth it at the end. I rather dream than have love, i rather accomplish what i want than have a guy in my life. I am 21, i may not know as much, but i know this much for now. Life is just too beautiful to just give it away and be with the one i may spend the rest of my life with. Probably in the future when i’m a lot older and wiser, i’ll probably regret it, but than again, it’s ok. I’ve had a run and enjoyed my time in life. πŸ˜€

I may not know where my route woudl take me, but it all depends on the decision i make on the choices that comes to me. All i know is that i want to do what i want in life first before settling down with someone. Who knows, i may have given that chance away already, but it’s ok. It’s life. πŸ˜€ So far, i’ll be writing down my route, my way of life, and we’ll see where it goes, or what decision i’ll make in life. Until than, no more dating, no more thinking about finding that person. I’ve pushed and gone through enough that i seriously do need to just take a break from all these lovey dovey stuff. It may bring back memories when i’m looking upon couples smiling, walking together. It may hurt when the topic of dating or talking to guys come up, but i’ll just give advices on what i’ve gone through. πŸ˜€ I’ll be let alone, i’ll be here, but i know i wont’ be lonely, why? I have my friends and families, i’m content with life, for nows. πŸ˜€

Eh, this doesn’t mean i won’t be dating again, just not any time soon. πŸ˜€