Mulan [2009]~ Movie Review

I was very excited when a new Mulan movie is going to be made, but this time, live action! I remember reading somewhere in a article that the director wanted to make a remake of this movie since the animation, he saw it differently. The role of mulan. Ofcourse, i totally love the animation one, i can rewatch it all over again and still get the same feeling for it. So, when this new Mulan movie was announced, i couldn’t wait for it. Knowing that Vicky Zhao was goign to be Mulan, heck yeah! I had to watch it!

There were, i would say, a lot of changes in this new mulan movie if you were to compare it to the animation. In the animation, Mulan had no martial arts skill and had both parents and a grandmother, while in the New Mulan movie, Her father taught her martial arts since she was young and she has no mother, no grandmother, just her father, who raised her at a very young age.

In this movie, she does take her father’s armor just like in the animation too.

Now, you’re probably thinking, how can they get a dragon to guard her? Well, after watching this movie, i think her friend Tiger is Wushu. They’ve been friends since childhood, and throughout this movie, Tiger looks over her and helps her over come her feelings. Kind of like a guardian angel too, looking out after Mulan, kinda of like what Wushu did.

Now, In the animation, Shang is the son of a great General, but in the New Mulan movie, Shang is known as Wentai, to me that is, who is just an ordinary soldier at first but is actually the 7th son of the Majesty.
The thing about this new Mulan movie is, Wentai finds out about Mulan’s true identity, but keeps it as a secret. So, basically, Mulan’s friend Tiger and Wentai knows that Mulan is a girl, and doesn’t tell anyone. Wentai helps Mulan hide her identity and they grow feelings for one another. They both become generals together and so, Mulan goes through a mental breakdown of not wanting to fight no more and wanting to be a regular person. Where Wentai tries to help Mulan in hardening her heart. So he fakes his death that he died in order to help Mulan get over her feelings for him and her feelings of killing.

I would say, i didn’t like this movie as much as i thought i would. One thing that i was disappointed was, the climax of the story didn’t really revolve around Mulan, but the whole thing about war itself instead. I thought the climax would be about her identity of being a girl, but no, it was more of just wars after wars, and her accomplishments. Although it portrays what a girl can do to make a difference, but they didn’t portray her being a girl a problem.

Another difference is Shan Yu. Instead of just him leading his people to over take China, in the New Mulan, Shan Yu, i would say, he would have to be MenDu, the son of Dan Yu who wants to over take china. In the New One, MenDu kills his father to take the thrown since his father wasn’t doing what He wanted. Mendu Also has a sister who just wants peace. At the end, the sister realizes that although she’s a woman, she can make her own decision, and that’s when she turns her back on DanYu and takes matters into her own hand with the help of Mulan.

Gahh, i could go on and on about this, but that would mean i’m telling you basically everything, although i did give out some spoilers. πŸ˜€ Sorry. But yeah…

Anyways, this movie wasn’t really all that, but it was still good, not as good as i thought though. If you haven’t seen it, watch it, it’s always good to see both version. πŸ˜€ Tell me what you think of the movie too if you have seen it. πŸ˜€