Curse Phone Calls: Rumor?

It’s been couple of weeks now since the news about this curse phone call that can kill someone after recieving it. So far, from what i know and what i’ve heard from others, these are the numbers that’s been given as being cursed, usually a 4 digit number. Even Hmong radio station from California to North Carolina are giving a warning to their hmong communities. It is said, the number starts with two zeros and than numbers after it. Ofcourse, it could be rumors and rumors has it that there has been some case where people died instantly, but i haven’t heard anything yet on the news or what nots.

For me, not sure if i shoud believe in this, but than again, anything can happen especially when it comes to being Hmong. So, i’m being cautious about who i pick on and what kind of phone calls i get. CAUTIOUS: Do not pick up phone numbes that are not familiar or just looks odd. You never know, it may be true or not, so you rather be cautious than be too late and regret it.

Me being curious and just bored out of my mind, i came upon blogs and a article about this curse call.


“Teachers warned their students about these numbers,” Sangrawee Sriboon, deputy head of the Lahu village in Muang Pan district, said yesterday.

The numbers, all starting with (08) 33, were handed out by the teachers and matched the ones posted at a grocery store.

“A villager, who heard the rumour while working in another district, returned to warn the locals about it. This why he posted the numbers here,” the grocery owner Pranom Juajan said.

Meanwhile, chairman of the tambon Hua Muang administrative organisation said Chamnan Liabloke said such rumours were spreading in several other districts as well. However, he added, there were no records of anybody dying in a mysterious manner recently.

Wimonnart Chivasakulyong, an official from Advanced Info Service, said all these numbers were pre-paid and registered with her company. She added that credit was added to two of the three numbers six months ago.

“The credit added was just Bt30 and Bt50,” she said, explaining that the third number registered in November did not have any credit added recently.

This is the latest news. Apparently, this is just not something that has gone around recently, there’s traces of news about these cursed, devil, whatever you want to call, phone calls.
There’s news in India about these stuff back in 2006. ‘Devil Calls’ Cause Exploding Phones’

Panic has struck mobile phone users in India as word spreads of “devil calls” that cause your phone to explode: “People started turning off their handsets after a rumour swept Orissa state of phones exploding like bombs killing their owners when they answered the calls. The random “devil calls” supposedly started Sunday from phones with 11 to 14 digit numbers instead of the regular 10, said an official from India’s state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam phone company.”

And it did not start from 2006, it went way back to 2004:

And the Blog: Legends and Rumors
In this blog, wow, i was amazed, cause it started from Africa all the way to Egypt. I just kinda skimmed through it and read bits and pieces of each article that he/she had about it. It’s quite interesting.

What do you think? Scary enough for everyone to believe or not? I think you should be careful with who’s calling you. you never know, so it’s better to be prepare than to be too late on it.

Txhob Ntshai! Don’t Fear!