“Valentine’s Day”

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone, although i’m a day late, but eh, isn’t Valentine’s day everyday since we love those that loves us for who we are? haha.

Anyways, Yesterday, my Brother and i went up to Missouri to go visit his girlfriend and I to visit my cousin. 😀 we Roamed around the city and didn’t really do much but stayed in the car since it was freezing cold! haha. All My cousin and I cared for was giving my brother and his girlfriend some space. 😀 Well, that went well, i would say. 😀

Anyways, before we headed home, we stopped by a movie theatre and decided to catch a movie, and ofcousrse, since it’s Valentine’s Day, we decided to watch, “Valentine’s Day!”

Here’s the trailor for it:

I have to say, it was very good, the ending was just heart warming. What i got out of the movie was, those who played with love end up being alone, those that don’t see love but themselves only loses love, and those that want love, need love, confess to love, they live in happiness. And i find it true too. Without love, you can’t be at peace, you’re always searching for something to satisfy that missing part in your life. Loneliness, i would say is a disease. haha, and we sure dont’ want that because it aches and hurts most of the time.

Anyways, i totaly love this movie! I love it how each character are connected some way and they all portray a story of love, losing love, or just getting love. This is definately a chick flick, somethign definately worth watching! i seriously dont’ want to give out anythign if you haven’t seen it, but all i have to say, is that when at the end, everythign is finalized, you’re either going to feel heart warming and AWWWed the time. hahaha. There was one specific scene that, basically every girl in the movie theatre that day went, “DAMMIT!” hahhaha, you’ll find out once you see it. hahaha, still it was still good though. 😀

I rate this movie, a 9/10. Why? because i felt as if there were some unnecessary stuff in it, but at the same time, it’s part of love too, so it was still good, but still 9/10 is pretty high for a movie. 😀

In here there are a lot of MAIN Actors/Actress that you would know and they are:
Jessica Alba
Kathy Bates
Jessica Biel
Bradley Cooper
Eric ddane
Patrick Dempsey
Hector Elizondo
Jamie Fox
Jennifer Garner
Topher Grace
Anne Hathaway
Ashton Kutcher
Queen Latifah
Taylor Launtner
George Lopez
Shirley Maclaine
Emma Roberts
Julia Roberts
Taylor Swift

Definately a good movie with good actors/actress in it, all portraying about love. 😀 Do tell me what you think of the movie too. 😀 I sure loved it!!!