First Step: Getting Started!

I’ve tried many, or more like I’ve seen many of those multi bussiness or those home base bussiness and so far, they never really interest me much. Ofcourse, my pop was always into it and always thought that i should get into it. I have to say, he put me up with a few and well, i never kept them long. I always have to invest some kind of money in the materials and than afterwards buy them, the more i sold, the more money i would get? Well, i didn’t see that.

It just so happen, last week, i was online trying to find another job to just get more income or more like switch over or somethign since my job that i have now isn’t giving me enough hours, i came upon an ad looking for customer service or to just get extra income. For some odd reason, i clicked it and actually had the gut to call the number to get more infor on the job. I reached a man and he didn’t say much but directed me to a automated number, the man told me that he would call me after ten minutes or so and he did, after i listened to what was in the phone call. I recieve a call from him again and so he asked me what i liked about it, and i was quite interested in it too. He than asked me if i knew what a “risidual income” is, and ofcourse i said i didn’t know. He told me what it was and that definately caught my attention. he than directed me to a website where i watched a video about what the company does and how you can earn extra income. Now, seriously, it caught my attention right away.

We than set up a time to talk more about what the bussiness does and answered any questions i had. I have got to say, this caught my attnetion instantly since it wasn’t like thos eother bussines where i had to buy things over and over again just to make a little income.

So, after a few days, i decided to take the challenge and signed myself up as an associate. Haven’t really done anything much but still training on how to get started. and what i love about this is that i got cool people behind me to help me get started.

I’m goign to update about my progress with this and see how far i’m goign to go with it, i’m just exited about the risidual income that they have and plus the additional commision too. Woot woot!

We shall see. πŸ˜€

Hopefully i’m making the very first step of doing something worthy of my life. haha. And no, this is not a full time base job at first, you start out part time just to get extra cash on top of your job you have now, and than as you do more and more for teh bussiness, if you are satisify with what you make, than you can always quit your jobs. haha hoepflly it’ll be something for me if i get there. πŸ˜€