Snakes! Snakes! Snakes!

There were some other snakes that i wanted to take pictures of, but they were at the most weirdest angle that i just didn’t know how i woudl take it, especially just standing in front of the glass and they were way far in the back of the cage. oh well, there is always the next time to take their pictures.

Again, went to the zoo and took some snake pictures. The first snake i saw were the rattle snake and wow, they were sure rattling. Who knows what happened to them why they were being very offensive, but they were really rattling alright. Just being there alone in that specific part of the building, i have to say, i was kinda scared, well not kinda, but SUPER scare! lOl. But i did have a good time taking their pictures though, all three of them.

The one that was closest was lazy. It didn’t do anything, it wasn’t rattling like the other two. Each time i got close to the glass, both of them would rattle like there’s no tomorrow, but that one on the ground away from the branch was just laying there like it saw nothing. haha. It was quite humerous too. 😀 haha

I would have taken more pictures of different kind of snake, but i only got half way through the zoo and had to come back home since i had to do some other thigns before class start this evening. Grr. Oh well, next time for sure! 😀