I’m moving!

yes, i’m moving slowly to the top with this bussiness i’m doing. The other day, i took the effort to get off my butt and go out and talk to people around the neighbor. Had my materials i needed and i was ready to go! There were a few times i got rejected, but at the same time there were others that welcomed me in to their house to talk more about the bussiness and the service. Some wanted the service and some wanted the opportunity that were given. I mean, this part time job isn’t this bad nor is it a scam. It’s true to every bussiness you do even your job, you have to put effort and time into it.

Well, that day, i went out, spent basically the whole day, before i had to come back home to get ready for school, talking and showing people the bussiness and the service. I gotta say, i filled out tons of paper, made myself up to 1,800 bucks! Now, that was just in ONE DAY! Boy, was i happy the next day when i looked at my checking balance. That extra thousand to do anything with! haha I was SUUPPPEERR happy! lOl. The effort definately paid off. And totally love it how you get our money either that day or the next once you file the papers into the system! Gah…couldn’t be more happier. 😀

Next step, Manager status! I’m getting there. 😀