Black and White Photography

For our next assignment in my photography class, we were introduced to black and white photography. I have to say, I thought this was an easy assignment, but it was hecka hard to even thing about what would look good in black and what to take. I find black and white photos to be very interesting because it gives that extra uniqueness in the picture. Whenever i think of black and white photos, i think of woods, branches, mysterious pictures. Even the thought of being lonely, hurt, etc…Like those depress pictures. Ofcourse, black and white pictures can give one a happy feeling also. But all i can think of is the word Lonely.

I pondered in my room here and there thinking of what would be taken in black and white and what woudl be good in it too. Since i wanted to go to our Nature Center, i thought i might as well think black and white in nature. 😀 And it turned out pretty good too. Although they were just random shots of what my brother was doing and walking towards too, it turned out good. I actually like it.

So these two pictures were the one that i thought were really good. It gives the vibe of boredom, and lonelysome too. 😀 Critique me also since i’m also learning. 😀

What you think?