Dedicated to me?

Just the other day, i recieved an email from someone. I didn’t think i was being mean to him or anything. We didn’t have anything going on and i didn’t think i was giving him the sign that i was interested. It’s quite funny when i heard the song. I was about to fall off my chair just listening to it.

It’s quite odd when you tell them you’re not looking for an relationship, but they still pursue thinking that they can. And independent as i am, I’m not looking for relationships at the moment. Nothing serious, ofcourse, but push my button, don’t say I “I didn’t tell you so.” Aish… Life can be very complicated around people who don’t listen. Hopefully, ignoring him will work. Apparently, so far it’s not, but i’ll keep ignoring and he’ll let down, hopefully!

I’m seriously not trying to be mean though. He’s a sweet guy, but he’s coming at the wrong time. Ofcourse, expect the unexpected, but this type of expectation is not in me right now. Plus, even if i did, he’s the type where he’s ready to settle down. I’m not though. I do hope he finds that person for him.

Here’s the song: Nrhiav Tus Hlub

koj twb hais tias yuav hlub tiag
cas hnub no koj ho yuav khiav
hauv koj lub siab hos zaim cias
cas tsis qhia yam ntej nram ub
tias tsis hlub tsis nyiam kuv
koj qub hos mus nrhiav tau tus tshiab

cas koj hos pheej zaim lub siab
pheej khawv cias los txog hnub no
qhia kuv xyob vim li cas tiag
kuv mam cias koj mus ywj siab
mam tsis txias tsis qhuav koj kev
mam txam kom deb li koj cem

mus zoo mog
tus kuv hlub kuv nco
yog tias hnub twg tsis zoo ces hos rov los
kuv yuav nyob tos koj xwb
yuav tsis nrhiav dua tug los nyob hauv siab

kuv xav tias yog koj kev kawg
tej zaum tus ntawv koj
yuav rov nco txog kuv
nco txog wb kev hlub zoo
yog hnub twg luag cem luag ntiaj
tu koj siab koj tig rov los
yog tsis muaj kuv
ces koj yuav xav txog lig

Here’s the DL link, if you like and can dedicated to those that didn’t like you at first or did you wrong.