Hi, My Sweetheart ~Review~ Taiwanese Drama

My brothers was watching this drama call, Hi, My Sweetheart, or also known as Play Boy and Sweetheart or Shanghai Sweetheart,a Taiwanese Drama Starring Rainie Yang and Alan Lou. This drama contains 14 episodes. It aired last year November and just ended at the end of January of this year, 2010.

After being at home all his life, Hseu Hai decides to go out to study somewhere else. His older sister helps him to hide his identity to Da Lung, where he portraits himself as someone who’s poor and pennyless.
He decides to go to school in HangZhou where he met Chen bao Chu [Rainie Yang], who was a loner at that time, tough and harsh. After the incident of getting beat up by bullies, Hseu Hai and Bao Chu became close and began to fall for one another. They began to go out and problems came between them. On the day of Bao Chu’s birthday, Hseu Hai and her were suppose to meet up. Hseu Hai was going to propose to her, but she didn’t show up due to getting hit by a car. That day, Hseu Hai’s heart was broken. Since that day, Hseu Hai transformed himself into a casanova, or basically someone who’s good looking, instead of a dork. His goal was to seek revenge for Bao Chu. After recovery, Bao Chu became a DJ for a radio station where she spent three years finding Hseu Hai. After three long years, Hseu Hai found Bao Chu and bought the radio station that she was working for. And this is where the action, conflict get in. Find out if Hseu Hai would seek revenge and if Bao Chu would know it’s Hseu Hai.

You seriously have to watch this drama. I seriously enjoyed it. I wish it was longer, but it was still good though. I didn’t think this drama dragged like some, but this one really touched me. Just becauseof Sho Lo in it who dressed so much like a dork and than changed himself into someone who’s hot. lOl Good drama!

Here’s a trailor if you just want to see how it is. πŸ˜€

I seriously liked this drama! πŸ˜€