My dreams are far more important than having a relationship.

Is it wrong of me to think like this? To want to achieve my goals, accomplish my dreams, and make my dreams come true instead of getting into a relationship? I’ve always said to give a chance for any guys that may seem to be the one, but i’ve given up on them, well more like i’ve just let it go and paid more attnetion to myself. Like being selfish instead, always thinking of what I want, what I need, etc…

I’ve talked to many people, and they all say the same. “Oh you don’t want to be lonely.” “Oh, you just haven’t met the one yet.” “Oh you just haven’t seen that spark yet, that’s why you’re like this.” The way i see it, i’m closing up and seriously just thinking of myself. I have to say, i’ve met some great guys, but even if i know they’re great, i’m not going for them.

What i want to do in life is to get my degree in English and travel the world with it. Stay in one place for couple of years, and than move to anotehr country for another couple of years and so on. The way i see it, for someone to be there for me is someone who has the same degree as me or else, it just won’t work out. Ofcourse, all girls need to be nurtered or have a guy there with them in the long run, but than again, i’ve seen many womem out there who’ve accomplish it alone. Although i don tknow how they feel mentally, but just seeing them smile and telling about their life, I’m convinced.

LIke i’ve said, i’ve met some great guys, some that i may be interested in, but i just don’t want it. I don’t want their love, i don’t want to be in a relationship. I just want to do what i want in MY life first. Some say it may be too late for me if i were to accomplish my dreams, or i can accomplish my dreams with him, but i find it impossible. Thinking in reality, no person can live a life like this, especially the life that i want. We all have a different path to take, and apparently, my path is too complicated for anyone to be in it.

I can see myself smile, laughing with my students and not be lonely. I’ve been a loner since i was small. Grew up in a family with no girls, just my mom and me. And ofcourse, my mom doesn’t understand me, but i know she’ll always be there for me. I have my friends, two that i can truly trust, but now i only have one. It’s ok right? I’ll make new friends, meet new people, i just have to keep life interesting and entertaining. Liek i said, i’m a loner from the start, i know how it is, and i’m pretty sure this lonelyness wont’ effect me, since it hasnt’ effected me. Life is hard, life is complicated, but i think this is the path i want to take.

My dreams are by far more important than finding that person to be with, date, have a relationship with, and settle down. I’ll settle down with my dreams, i’ll settle down with my accomplishiments. I’ve had my experience with guys, and it’s time to really think about my future WITHOUT them. 😀