Lub Kua Muag

You cry when you’re hurt. You cry when you’re happy. You cry to just about everything in life. Seeing old pictures of friends that you’ve long lost touch with. Watching a movie or a drama that reflects on your life. Being able to see your very own god child be born. Yeah, basically everything, anything you can cry to.

But there’s that one tear, one cry, one shout that really brings you down. It makes you depress, it makes you feel like trash. Even though life around you seems to be perfect, but why is there such feeling at a time like this? Is it just another one of those feelings that just comes and bothers you once every year? Or is it that i’m worrying too much? I don’t think i’m worrying much. I don’t let other’s life effect me. I don’t let people’s words effect me. I don’t even think about school, Although i do take it seriously. But why am i feeling like this? Why do i feel as if someone did me wrong? As if someone bash me with a ton of bricks, and i’m bleeding, dragging myself back home? I feel tired, hopeless, dreadful!

Gah, i hate this feeling. especially not knowing what happened, or why i’m feeling like this. I’m trying to recall if anythign happen that would effect me, but nothing. Nothing at all. All i can think of is my lab quiz that i took, which ofcourse, i’m going to drop. But that shouldn’t effect me. And NO, it’s definately NOT MEN/BOYS/GUYS! I can careless about them, at the moment.

It’s seriously time to just forget about everything and seriously just forgive everone that did me wrong. I’m ready to stop feeling like this. I think that’s the problem. Having to talk to friends and bringing up the past, the past that hurted, it’s time to forgive them and forget it totally. It’ll take time, but it’ll be worth it. i’m sick of this feeling. Gah…

I’ll probably sleep in tears tonight and get everything out. I’m not as hardcore as i seem, although i like to come out that way, but than again, it’s that saying, “those that look strong are the weak ones, and those that look weak are the strong ones,” and it’s totally true! Couldn’t agree more! *sigh*

I hope this feeling go away soon! I hate feeling like this. Lifeless, dreadful, depress..blah! Hate it!!!