“To Forgive and Forget”

After some thinking last night, I finally understood the meaning of the saying, “To forgive and forget.” All this time i didn’t believe in that line, instead i said, “to forgive but never forget.” I always pleaded my case that no matter what, as long as you forgive them, you’ll be fine, but forgetting the situation would always be there in the mind. Usually when you have to forgive someone, it usually means that person did something horrible that effected you to the point where it’ll mark a place in your mind. But now, i finally realize that that extra space, i could have replaced it with something good, something worth while my memories to remember. 😀 I finally realize what “to forgive and forget” actually mean.

“To forgive and forget,” is to free yourself from hatred and expand the feeling of happiness. To be able to look into the future in no worries and take that “Dreadful” situation into a life lesson learned. If it happens again, you’ll know what to do. To be able to let go of the pass and see the world in its beautiful nature. To forgive those that hurted you so that they too will be able to forgive those that hurted them. To be able to give them a second chance and hope they learned from the situation. This is the meaning of the saying, “To forgive and forget.”

I finally see the light. I’ve held too much from the past that it’s time to forgive them and forget the situation. It’s time for me to set myself free from this cloudy world I lived in. It’s time to stop my excuses and reasons and just come to reality that i need to move on with my life. It’s time to just forget what happened in the past and learn from my experience to better my future. It’s time to look forward to tomorrow and my future!

Txhob Ntshai!! I can finally move on!!!