Sky of Love ~ Review ~ Japanese Drama

I’m not too fund of japanese movies nor dramas, but i’ve heard that this drama was pretty good; Sky of Love. I have to say the colors in it was pretty good, very soothing. Anyways, since many of my friends seen it and said that they enjoyed it, i thought i give it a shot and see if it’s to my likings. It is said, it’s a sad drama.

This drama starrs: Elena Mizusawa and Koji Seto.
Released: 2008
There was also a movie that was released the previous year starring Yui Aragaki and Haruma Miura. The story line is the same like other dramas i’ve seen; The girl falls in love with the boy and as the relationship goes well, and tahn one of the actors finds out that they have a disease. Sadly, disease isn’t cureable.  

Well, that’s basically how the story went with this drama. It wasn’t all that good, could have done better. One of the thigns that i didn’t like about it is that it seemed like they rushed through everything. Although it’s short, only 6 episodes, but i thought they could have made it more smoother. I would have to say, i like the little message that they had in the drama too. Sky of love, no matter where that SOS go, they’ll always be in your heart. Whenever you look up at the sky, they’ll be there also. Definately a sweet message, especially to those that have been in a situation like this drama. I would give this drama a 3/5. It was ok.