What is up with the weather?

The past few days, it’s been soo windy and BRRR! It’s so cold! I’m at the bussiness and seriously, i’m freezing my butt off. Oh how i wish to be at home under my blanket in my bed right now. I can totally sleep all day. Eahg, what do you expect, it’s a Sunday, anyways. The bussiness isn’t so busy today, which is odd since usually there’s a lot of people, but probably because of the cold weather, no one wants to get up yet. I don’t either.

I’m rewatching my episodes from Family Outing and laughing with them. Seriously, each time i watch an episode, i get the same feeling from the first time i watched it! It’s that good! lOl. I’m also on youtube just listening to music, learning about new artists, gah. That’s how bore I am right now. I wanted to be productive, but naw…The weather’s killing me. I’m too cold to do anything. I wish i had gottent that heater from walmart the other day, but dang it, i didn’t. Now i’m paying for it. haha. aish…Dumb weather!