Boys Over Flowers ~ Korean Version ~ Movie Review

I first heard about this drama last year when i was talking to a friend. This was when i wasn’t into the whole drama watching thing, but after this, i started to watch more dramas, and still am.

Synopsis: Shinhwa was the main company that Korea depended on which is Goo Jun Pyo’s Family bussiness.  One bright sunny day, Jan Di went out to Shinhwa High School to deliver a customer’s clothes when she saw that her customer wanted to suicide by jumping off from the roof of the high school.  Without hestitation, she quickly went to the customer and pulled him down.  Because of the attention that the student/customer was giving, there were news reporters outside of the school.  The media were outraged by Shinhwa and that is when Jun Pyo’s mother decided to let Jan Di go to school where her school is paid for.  Everyone wanted to go to any school with Shinhwa since it’s the best school in Korea. 

Jan Di than went to Shinhwa High School where she met the F4, who were the top 4 richest son in Korea: Go0 J0on Pyo, son of Shinhwa, Yoon Ji Hoo, So Yi Jung, and Song Woo Bin.  Her first encounter with them was when they first stepped foot into the school where all the students would run towards them.  the F4 were not in school uniforms but in their own different style of clothings.   It was her second encounter that really got her to put up a fight, and that was when she was outside with a friend. Her friend accidently slipped and get ice cream on Jun Pyo’s shoe.  That was when Jan Di talked back to the F4, which no one dares to talk back to them.  Since that accident, Jan Di was in war with them.

Slowly, Jun Pyo began to fall for Jan di because of her resistant to step down like any others.  She didn’t care much about whether they were rich or etc… Soon enough, they both liked each other and started to go out. They both go through relatinoship problems, but that didn’t stop them from being together.

Well anyways, that should be enough. 😀 It’s still a good drama! 😀

This drama is call: Boys over Flowers
Numbers of Episodes: 25
The main cast:
Geum Jan Di ~ Koo Hye Sun
Go0 J0on Pyo ~ Lee Min Ho
Yoon Ji Hoo ~ Kim Hyun Joong from SS501
So Yi Jung ~ Kim Bum
Song Woo Bin ~ Kim Joon

 japanese and chinese came out with one. The japanese one was call: Hana Yori Dango and the Chinese one Meteor Garden. Not sure why, but most prefer the Japanese one. I thought the korean version was much better and much organized, PLUS the guys were a LOT cuter and defiantely a pretty face type! lOl

Overall i would rate this drama a 9/10! Definately something i would gone back to rewatch. My reason? I didn’t like the girl much, i thought they coul dhave found a better actress for the drama. But like said, overall, it was definately well worth watching!

Here’s teh trailor. Enjoy! 😀