I wish it would snow!

It’s so crazy! When it’s cold, i wished it was hot, but when it’s hot, i wish it would be cold! Gahh, today, i seriously got a taste of what summer can do! It was so hot and warm today, i thought i was going to die! Although there was wind, breezing all the time, but that was not enough at all! It’s so hot outside, i can literally go swimming, but the water’s too cold. 😀

On a hot summer like this, all i did was lay in my bed. I was soo tired! I even went to sleep last night around 8 without thinking how tire i was. After that 10 page essay and staying up doing it, i finally got it over with though. Now i just need to start on my 250 word essay about Oedipus Rex! Which is due tomorrow, and i’m pretty sure i’ll get it done too. 😀

But back on topic, gah… I need to find something or start planning my days so that i would actually get up and go do somethign with this beautiful weather we have! Bah!