Perm or not?

T’is the question!  hrrm, i’ve been thinking lately, should i get a perm for the first time or just keep my hair as it is?  It’ll be something different and something out of the ordinary for me.  Who knows how i would look with a perm, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. 😀  Now, this is something i wont’ be able to do myself since i’ve never permed my hair before, so i’ll have to go to a salon to get it done.  only problem, it may cost a lot! since a Salonist would say my hair is long. Anything below the shoulders is consider long.

Gah.. Hard decision, but than again, something that i will definately want to try! 😀

lets see, big rolls or small rolls?  I don’t want it to be too curly! Maybe big rolls just to have the wave in my hair? hrrm…