Aish, i know it’s easy to cheat on a essay or any kind of work at school, but that is the last thing on my mind! Just because my work now is much better than the work i did in the past, does not mean i cheated.  Ofcourse, he says, “I’m not trying to say you’re copying, but i just want to know what source you got your information from.”  Well durgh, it’s an essay, all i did was quote quotes from sources that would related to my work, but other than that, it was all my opinion, my own thoughts.  goshers…  I fail on my last two essays and do good on this one and i’m consider copying other people’s work?

Hrrm, i might be over thinking this, but why give me such a grade? I seriously took the time to really sit down and go through all that outline.  I just didn’t put much effort into my work like i did with this one. Why did i put more effort into this one? because it was something i was familiar with. Gah…

I just sent an email to the professor about my grade on it. my first time doing it too. Sending a professor an email about it.  Why such a grade when i did so much on it?  Clearly, i took my time, wrote many rough drafts, that’s why i concluded with the work.  I still don’t believe i should get that grade. Although we do have the opportunity to redo it again, but all that he wanted me to do was fix some quotes that i got out of the book and give him my sources.  Is it that bad that i still got a 75 on it? Ugh, i’m furious!!!!