Online Classes

This semester, or this coming semester, i have some classes that only provides online classes if i were to fit it in my schedule! I’m not sure if i should take some or not. So far, i only have three classes sign up for fall semester and two during summer, and i want to take more! But the classes that i want to take are either meeting at a bad time or online. I’m not too sure if i can discipline myself into doing work on my own. I would rather go into a physical class, with a teacher and classmates. That way i would actually do my work than or right afterwards.

Aish, so hard, online classes or not? T’is the question, at the moment! Aish, i really want to take these classes to get my electives done, but they only provide them online or NONE! AHHHH What shall i do? What shall I Do?

Gah, i might as well see if the other campus provide them for me during my time. Although i rather have it in one place, but atleast i don’t have to drive too far. Grrr..

Online or not? Hrrm….