Effort really DO pay off!!!

At the beginning of the semester, i decided to take saturday classes to see how it goes since i know i won’t be doing anything important for my saturday. So, why not take a saturday class right? To get one class down? So, i decided to take my math class on a saturday at 9 in the morning. At first, i was very uneasy with the class since i had a professor with a strong accent, but it turn out, it wasn’t that bad. Came to class every saturday, didn’t miss a class. Although there were times where i wanted to skip to sleep in, but i got myself up, ofcourse. Haha.

Well, apparently, we only have two more weeks of school left before the semester ends and today, Saturday, April 17, 2010, i went to class like every saturday, and today was our 2nd exam! All week, i’ve been studying my study guide, doing the problems over and over until i finally felt confident, and was ready to take the exam! My professor did some more lectures and it was time for the exam. It was so unexpected of him, but he said, since we all came to class, didn’t miss a single one, he’ll let us take the exam HOME! I was the only one that burst out laughing as if it was a joke, and i closed my book and put my papers away.

Before he mentioned about taking the exam home, he mentioned about putting effort into your school because at the end, it all will really pay off! And he seriously showed me that today! You don’t know how many times i thanked him outloud and in my mind! He really shows that he cares for his student’s grade, especially those that really shows effort into their work and being in class all the time. Definately a professor i would recommend to others if they’re taking this math class that i’m taking. Aza! Txhob ntshai! He’s definately a worth while professor to learn from!!!

Thank you!!!