His and Her’s Precious Moment

This weekend was the junior prom of my brother’s girlfriend. We drove all the way to MO just for it which was only a 2 hour drive or less. I’m just glad i wasn’t the one driving but my brother. hahaha. We left around 11 and got there around 2-ish since we made some stops on the way. Why did we stop? Cause that IDIOT forget basically everything! He forgot his shoes, tie, and belt, luckily he got his suit. the worst was he ALMOST forgot his corsage for her. Thank goodness i called him to get it ready and put in the car or else we would have to turn back and get it! gah… nws mas.

Anyways, before we headed off to the prom, we went to a part, which was beautiful and took some pictures. Enjoy>>> 😀